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4. The Upgraded You
Are you the You that you thought you’d become in the days when you dreamed about yourfuture? Life requires us all to make choices and compromises as priorities change and unexpected situations present themselves, but it also gives us opportunities to reflect and yearn to become something greater than we are. If you sometimes find your current life predictable and repetitive, your mind in semi-retirement, and your creativity hard to access; if at times your joy seems to depend on scattered remnants of pasts successes... or if life is good but you have a sense that something more lies just beyond your reach... it may be time for an upgraded You and sense of your possibilities. Join us for a workshop of inspiring insights, profound visualizations, and lots of good energy.

5. Self-Respect: Everything Depends on It
Self respect is essential for our inner and outer lives. In this experiential workshop, we will learn specific steps for cultivating a solid practice of self-respect. We will also use guided visualizations to facilitate a process of healing distorted self-images and realizing our potential. (4 part workshop or one-time lecture with imagery, min 2 ½ hrs)

6. Self-Sabatoge: A Workshop
Why do I sometimes get in my own way and stop myself from achieving my dreams and goals? Why do I feel like there’s a double-agent deep in my subconscious, a genius at sabotage, confusing me about loyalties and priorities? In this workshop, each participant will discover their own causes for getting stuck in certain areas of their lives, and learn new ways to unblock pathways to success. (5 week series or one-day workshop)

7. Transition: Embracing Change
We all experience transitions, both from circumstances out of our control (such as illness and loss) and conscious choices to change our lives (such as a starting a new career, marriage, and personal growth work). The point between being and becoming is a place of transition. There is who I am now and my inner vision of the person I would like to become. Embracing change requires confidence, trust in G-d and a willingness to take the difficult step of letting go of the past while reaching for an uncertain future. This four part interactive workshop will include Hassidic insights, discussion, and psychological visualizations to develop new tools for dealing with transition. Learn to identify obstacles that get in the way of reaching our potential, discover what most stimulates and motivates us to action, put the past into useful perspective, and attain Joy and expanded awareness.
Interactive Workshops 4-7
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