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1. The Healing Power of Forgiveness
The "Forgiveness" workshop serves as a powerful cleansing experience for anyone harboring negative feelings of guilt, pain or disappointment. A unique process developed by Rabbi Fleer and an eminent psychologist, the workshop uses guided imagery and other methods to bring about a healing experience, in which a person is able to release unforgiven pain caused by self or others. It allows us to be rid of "old baggage," and recognize the uniqueness of our own potential and worthiness as sensitive human beings. Ultimately, we are able to forgive ourselves for having once been vulnerable and get on joyously with our lives. This workshop has met with much success over the past several years. Those participating not only benefit themselves, but learn vital techniques for helping others. (4-5 session workshop)

2. The Healing Power of Storytelling and Imagery
When the soul wants to bypass the pitfalls of the intellect and reveal itself to the mind, it conceals itself in the raiment of stories well told. Stories expand consciousness, stimulate well-being and free us from the negative influences of past experience. Join us as we plummet the depths of storytelling and creative imaging from a Kabbalistic and psychological perspective. Learn to honor and encourage the creative healing process in yourself and others, focusing on fine-tuning your deepest aspirations through the medium of language and the mysteries of image. Remember, G-d creates and sustains by means of the spoken word. The stories of the Book of Genesis represent the means through which His life force is made manifest in reality. (4-5 session workshop)

3. Love, Loss and Letting Go
Most of us think of true love as unconditional, defying reason, transcending time, even eternal. According to King Solomon,true love is “as strong as death”(Song of Songs 8:6); for one would willingly die than give it up. Yet all of us have experienced the loss of love .Is such loss real or illusory? We certainly feel and experience its pain. Does healing from loss require that we forget the love that was? What does it mean to mourn the loss of love? The sages taught (MoedKatan 25b):“Mourning is for the living and not for what is lost".
Interactive Workshops 1-3
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