List of Topics
for Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer's
Lectures, Seminars and Workshops
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A. Lectures and Series

1. Bereshit: An Exploration of the Biblical Story of Creation
2. The Courage to Create
3. Eternity and the Singular Moment
4. Evil: A Talmudic, Midrashic and Kabbalistic Perspective
5. The Five Senses: A Kabbalistic and Chassidic Perspective
6. Food and Jewish Spirituality
7. The Four Who Entered the Mystical Orchard
8. G-d, Creation, and Consciousness
9. Healing in the Kabbalistic Tradition
10. Holy Chutzpah
11. Honoring our Parents without Dishonoring Ourselves
12. The Importance and Dangers of Ritual
13. Jewish Identity: Before, During and After the Holocaust
14. JOY: An Approach to Life
15. Kabbalah and Creativity
16. "KAVANNAH": Bringing Intention and Devotion to Your Prayer
17. The Land of Israel and Jewish Destiny
18. Life and Afterlife
19. Life, Growth and Transcendence
20. The Light of Chanukah
21. Likutei Moharan: The Teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
22. Loneliness and Intimacy: A Kabbalistic and Psychological Perspective
23. Love Your Neighbor
24. The Lost Princess - Rebbe Nachman's Mystical Story
25. Male and Female in Jewish Mysticism, Philosophy and Law
26. The Meaning of Midrash
27. The Meaning of “Tzaddik”
28. Memory and Forgetfulness
29. The Mind: Seat of the Soul
30. Mitzvah, and the Paradox of Love and Fear of G-d
31. My Teachers and Holy People I Have Known
32. The Mystical Meaning of Clothing
33. Overcoming Doubt and the Process of Renewal
34. Paradox: G-d's Foreknowledge vs. Freedom of Choice in Kabbalistic Thought
35. The Paradox of Love and Fear of G-d
36. Parents (Teachers), Children and God
37. The Power of Jewish Storytelling
38. Prayer: A Service of the Heart
39. Prayer, Faith and Self-Expression
40. Ratzon: The Power of Will
41. Rebbe Nachman: Teacher, Rebel, Visionary
42. SABBATH: Day of Eternity
43. Seasons and Transformations: The Jewish Holiday Cycle
44. Sacred Space and the Holiness of Jerusalem
45. The Secret Life of Money
46. The Sefirot: A Holistic System
47. Shacharit: A Daily Journey
48. Soul of the Convert and the Dilemma of the Baal Teshuvah
49. The Storytelling Tradition of Rebbe Nachman (or Rebbe Nachman’s Mystical Stories)
50. Suffering - in Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism
51. Teachings of the Baal Shem Tov
52. The Ten Commandments: Deeper Meanings
53. Teshuvah: A Process of Return
54. Tzedakah: Spiritual Development through Giving
55. The Way of the Jewish Mystic: Experiencing G-d's Presence in Our Lives
56. Zohar: The Bible of Jewish Mysticism
B. Interactive workshops

1. The Healing Power of Forgiveness
2. The Healing Power of Storytelling and Imagery
3. Love, Loss and Letting Go
4. The Upgraded You
5. Self-Respect: Everything Depends on It
6. Self-Sabatoge: A Workshop
7. Transition: Embracing Change

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