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22. Loneliness and Intimacy: A Kabbalistic and Psychological Perspective
Loneliness and intimacy are two sides of the same coin. Loneliness is often associated with fear and intimacy with love. Only G-d can be feared and loved simultaneously. It is our sense of inner worthiness and unique potential, the G-dliness within, that allows for the experience of intimacy. To love someone I must allow myself to become vulnerable to another; this is true of all intimate relationships, even (and perhaps especially) when it comes to G-d. Through discourse and guided visualizations, Rabbi Fleer will explore these and many more intriguing topics associated with loneliness and intimacy. (4-5 part series or individual lecture, min 3 hrs)

23. Love Your Neighbor
This fascinating series will include a comprehensive legal, philosophical, and Kabbalistic analysis of the Mitzvah of V'ahavta L'reyecha Kamocho (Love Your Neighbor as Yourself) including insights about the Holocaust. (4-5 part series only)

24. The Lost Princess - Rebbe Nachman's Mystical Story
Rebbe Nachman's stories are among the great classics of Jewish literature. They have been universally recognized for their profound insights into the human condition and our relationship with the Divine. Rebbe Nachman's stories bring mystical concepts to life, dramatizing the spiritual mechanics of the universe, and helping us to bring our own inner universe into balance. Rebbe Nachman felt that only stories have the necessary impact to awaken us from our spiritual sleep. Rabbi Fleer, an expert in Kabbalah and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman, will read, translate and discuss Rebbe Nachman's classic story: "The Lost Princess." This is a rare opportunity to learn Rebbe Nachman's stories from a master teacher. (individual lecture, min 2 hrs., Can also teach other individual Rebbe Nachman stories)
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