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16. "KAVANNAH": Bringing Intention and Devotion to Your Prayer
This interactive four-part series was designed by Rabbi Fleer for anyone seeking to increase one's spiritual sensitivity and ability to pray from the heart. Rabbi Fleer will read and discuss excerpts from classic Chassidic and Kabbalistic texts about prayer, and bring out their practical and contemporary relevance. He will also describe some of his own personal experiences and struggles in the realm of prayer. Rabbi Fleer's primary emphasis, however, will be on familiarizing his audience with the spiritual practices and halakhic discipline necessary for the experience of prayer from a profoundly meaningful and authentically Jewish perspective. Subjects of discussion will include: Preparation; Purification of body, heart, and mind; The "four worlds" and their "seven chambers"; articulating inner intention; yearning beyond words. (4 or 5 part series or one-time lecture)

17. The Land of Israel and Jewish Destiny
This lecture will include some of the following topics: Relationship of the Jewish People to the land of Israel; Readings from Zohar which hint at current conflicts; The Land and its Holiness; Faith, prayer and miracles depend on the Land; Different rabbinic attitudes in the Talmud towards settling in Israel; The Holocaust and the Soldier of Israel; Modern Israel and ancient providence; The Western Wall and the Temple. (one-time lecture, min 3 hours)

18. Life and Afterlife: A Philosophic and Kabbalistic Perspective
Topics include: Death: a two-sided transition involving those who depart and those who remain o What of one's earthly life is reflected in one's afterlife? How does awareness of death and beyond affect the way we choose to live our lives today; Preparing for death o Mourning is for the living; Out-of-body experiences and those who return from the dead; The 5 levels of the Soul and their relationship to the human condition; Examining the teaching that declares: "The righteous even after death are called living, while evildoers, even in life, are called dead"; Reincarnation; The Kaddish and respecting the honor of those who have passed on o Interacting with those who are no longer part of the physical world. All of the above and much more will be addressed in our comprehensive five-part course. (4-5 part series only)
Lecture topics 16-18
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