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8. G-d, Creation, and Consciousness
In this series, Rabbi Fleer focuses on basic questions regarding consciousness, that which provides us order, grounding, and objectivity for all levels of awareness. Explore profound teachings about consciousness and how awareness becomes manifest through the organizing and ordering principles. Learn about how aspects of various mitzvot are meant to help us clarify and attune ourselves to consciousness. (4-5 part series only)

9. Healing in the Kabbalistic Tradition
Rabbi Fleer will explore profound kabbalistic concepts and their applications to the healing process. Topics will include: Creating and maintaining "sacred space" a fundamental prerequisite to self-healing; utilizing the essential "I"; the dynamic of paradox in the healing process, with particular emphasis on incurable disease; Healing through breath and sound; Prayer and healing. (4-5 part series or extracts as one-time lecture, min 1 ½ hours)

10. Holy Chutzpah
“You’ve got some nerve!” The word “chutzpah”is often used to refer to inappropriate boldness or rudeness. But it can also be a complimentary term. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov explained the concept of holy chutzpah,the kind of boldness we each need to have in order to follow through on our highest intentions no matter what others may say or think .In fact, it takes a certain boldness for us, as finite beings, to open our mouths and pray to the Creator of the universe. Join Rabbi Fleer as we explore Rebbe Nachman’s inspiring teachings on this topic. (one-time lecture, min 1 ½ hours)

11. Honoring our Parents without Dishonoring Ourselves
During their lifetimes and after death, parents never cease to be the primal source of our emotional strength and vulnerability. And this itself is often a disturbing realization. Even as we struggle against real or perceived negativity, our lives are lived in response to their influence. Ultimately, to achieve inner peace, we must come to terms with our childhood and learn to honor our parents as they exist in ourselves. This 4 part workshop will include psychological insights and guided visualizations; exercises in Forgiveness, and discussions of Jewish guidelines for honoring parents and exceptions to the rule. (4 part workshop or individual lecture)
Lecture topics 8-11
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