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46. The Sefirot: A Holistic System
Kabbalah teaches that there are 10 Divine attributes, the Sefirot. Through the Sefirot, God creates and sustains the universe. Kabbalah also teaches that, as we are in the image of God, we have these qualities within ourselves. The Sefirot and their dynamic interaction constitute the structure of the human being on the levels of will, thought, emotion, and action. We will learn how every aspect of our lives and the world around us can be seen in the light of this holistic system. No previous knowledge of Kabbalah is required, however even long-term students of the Sefirot can expect to gain new insights from this series. (4- 5 part series)

47. Shacharit: A Daily Journey
Explore the mystical levels of traditional morning prayer through a Kabbalistic understanding of the structure of the Shacharit service. Learn how this structure is a map for an integrated spiritual experience which is brought back into our world. (one-time lecture, min 2 ½ hrs)

48. Soul of the Convert and the Dilemma of the Baal Teshuvah (4-5 part series, one-time if necessary, ideally 4 hrs min)

49. The Storytelling Tradition of Rebbe Nachman (or Rebbe Nachman’s Mystical Stories)
When the soul wants to bypass the pitfalls of the intellect and reveal itself to the mind, it conceals itself in the raiment of well told stories. Stories expand consciousness, stimulate wellbeing, and free us from the negative influences of past experiences. Rebbe Nachman (1772-1810) was one of the greatest Chassidic teachers and a master storyteller whose tales are among the great classics of Jewish literature. In this course, Rabbi Fleer will read and explicate a lesson taught by Rebbe Nachman dealing with the Kabbalistic and psychological aspects of storytelling. We will listen closely to one of Rebbe Nachman's tales in an attempt to capture the essence of his teaching. We will then discuss the difference between storytelling as entertainment and storytelling as a means of changing consciousness. Finally, we will touch on the idea of storytelling and prophecy. (one time lecture, min 2 ½ hrs)
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