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43. Seasons and Transformations: The Jewish Holiday Cycle
In-depth analysis of the Jewish festivals and their contemporary significance in our lives. Not what you learned in Hebrew school. We will go through the major holidays of the year including Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot and gain insights into the deeper mystical meanings of the holidays and the personal growth process the entire cycle is meant to guide us through. (4 or 5 part series only or can have individual lecture focusing on one or two particular holidays, min 3 hrs)

44. Sacred Space and the Holiness of Jerusalem
The concept of "sacred space" is fundamental to the Jewish understanding of the interaction between the physical and spiritual realms of existence. Biblical themes, such as: Jacob's ladder, the Golden Calf, erecting the Tabernacle, the land of Israel, and the holiness of Jerusalem form the basis of Jewish tradition and theology. A deeper comprehension of these themes requires interpretation in light of the concept of Sacred Space. Rabbi Fleer will also explain the personal and practical relevance of sacred space as part of one's everyday quest to come closer to God. (4 or 5 part series only)

45. The Secret Life of Money
Our Sages teach “Who is wealthy? One who is satisfied with their portion” (Avot 4:1) Yet they also teach that wealth is a blessing from G-d and were known to honor the rich. What is the Jewish attitude toward money with regard to personal welfare, family, community, and G-d? Why were Moshe, Rabbi Yehudah the Prince (who compiled the Mishna) and Rav Ashi (who compiled the Talmud) all very wealthy? What does wealth have to do with the ability to receive, reveal, and perpetuate the Torah? Learn kabbalistic teachings about how gaining, losing, and managing money are all connected to the development of one’s soul. What is the spiritual source of money? What is the role of money in reaching one’s spiritual potential? (5 week series, not ideal for individual lecture)
Lecture topics 43-45
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