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42. SABBATH: Day of Eternity
In the story of creation, the only thing that God blesses is the day of Shabbat, as it says "and God blessed the seventh day and made it holy." What does it mean that God blesses a day in time? What does it mean, for us, to sanctify time? Why is Shabbat the only ritual mentioned in the 10 commandments? Why is Shabbat both a commandment of "doing" and of "not doing"? In contemporary times, there is much confusion about the Jewish concept of "Shabbat rest" and the injunction against "creative work."? People want to know if there are precise principles that enable one to identify what constitutes creative work. If such principles exist, where do they come from? How can the Torah give a definition of creative work that is so unique that we can still use the definition until today to know what to refrain from? What are the spiritual, philosophical and Kabbalistic realities engendered by the principles of Shabbat observance? And how can one tap into the experience of those realities? The seminar will also include a discussion of various laws, customs, and foods that, through the ages, have become part of our Shabbat festivities; how they are performed and why they are served (perhaps even some recipes). All this and much more will be discussed in this fascinating in-depth study of the Shabbat, which will be valuable for people at any level of observance. (4-5 session series only)
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