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39. Prayer, Faith and Self-Expression
God spoke the universe into existence, sustaining it with His prayer; and every human being, created in God's image, has something to express which is part of that prayer. But exactly what and precisely how are questions one yearns to resolve. Come join our quest for understanding. Learn to pray in ways that create and sustain. SESSION I: A Jewish conceptual understanding of prayer: Distinguishing between formal and private prayer. If G-d knows my feelings and thoughts, what need is there for words? Are there other valid non-verbal modalities of expression which could be considered prayer? Must one believe in G-d in order to pray? SESSION II: Preparation: Self-awareness, purification, meditation and focus. The notion of self-sacrifice. SESSION III: Creating one's own prayer. Choosing a medium to express the seemingly inexpressible. Cultivating the inner ability to receive from beyond self; maintaining and giving. SESSION IV: The relationship between Torah and prayer; lifting concept to its source in Essence. What is the real meaning of "kavanah"? Understand the famous passage in the Talmud (Berachot 7a) which proclaims that God also prays. What can we learn from God's prayer? (4 part series)

40. Ratzon: The Power of Will
Will is a force within us that, when unleashed, can allow us to transcend external and self-imposed limitations and bring our deepest desires and intentions into reality. It is also an essential ingredient to healing. But how can we get in touch with our will, with our life force, with God's will? Learn how to activate and renew will based on kabbalistic teachings about breath, scent, words and food. (4 or 5 part series or individual lecture, min 2 hrs)

41. Rebbe Nachman: Teacher, Rebel, Visionary
This lecture will give an overview of the life and unique contributions of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov. The teachings of this original Chassidic master continue to capture the imagination and give strength, vision and hope to countless people from all walks of life. The lecture will include a discussion of Rebbe Nachman's kabbalistic tales. (individual lecture min 2 ½ hrs)
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