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36. Parents (Teachers), Children and God
This lecture provides valuable insights that can enrich our relationships with our parents and our children (or students). It will include the following: Three partners in the creation of a person - mother, father and G-d; What components of a child's soul are influenced by parents? How are the Torah's requirements of men and women in marriage reflected in the childrearing process? Maimonides' 14th principle; Sacred innocence and fostering independence; Developmental space ; The Rabbinic maxim "Push off with the left hand while bringing close with the right" - a balanced tension; a thorough exploration of Talmudic and mystical teachings about honoring parents. (4 part series or individual lecture, min 2 ½ hrs)

37. The Power of Jewish Storytelling
This seminar includes: The dynamics of storytelling - A Kabbalistic perspective o Reading and explanation of Rebbe Nachman's lesson (Likutei MoHaRan #234) concerning the mystery of storytelling; Storytelling as Meditation - Examples of meditative Chassidic and Kabbalistic tales, examining their inner effectiveness; Storytelling as philosophical and mystical metaphor; Examining a portion of Rebbe Nachman's tale "The Seven Beggars"; The "Doctrine of Return" and the primacy of storytelling; Elevating another through telling his/her story; Judgment on high is consistent with judgment below o When the Baal Shem Tov laughed. (4 or 5 part series or individual lecture, min 2 ½ hrs)

38. Prayer: A Service of the Heart
Why pray if G-d already knows my feelings and thoughts? What is the origin and purpose of Jewish prayer? How can a person cultivate the proper intention (kavannah) during prayer? Explore some of the mystical dimensions of synagogue prayer through a Kabbalistic explanation of the structure of Shacharit, the morning prayer service. (series or one-time lecture min 2 hrs)
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