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33. Overcoming Doubt and the Process of Renewal
What is Doubt, and how does it differ from questioning? How do we distinguish between reality and illusion? Doubt stifles personal and spiritual growth. It casts a dark cloud on the very essence and quality of being human, which reflects our source in God. It turns sour the lingering sweetness of past accomplishment and leaves us with a diminished sense of self-worth and esteem. Doubt according to the Kabbalists is equated with Amalek, the arch-enemy of Israel. The Kabbalists teach that by accessing the unlimited potential of human "will" we automatically gain entrance into the realm of "pure faith" which causes the darkness of doubt to give rise to renewal. Join Rabbi Fleer in this intriguing four-part interactive workshop which utilizes Chassidic and Kabbalistic insights, psychological understanding and guided imagery. Participants can expect to gain new awareness and freedom. (4 part series or individual lecture min 2 ½ hrs)

34. Paradox: G-d's Foreknowledge vs. Freedom of Choice in Kabbalistic Thought
This lecture will focus on some of the fundamental principles of Kabbalah and their relevance to the inherent paradox of human existence in relation to the Divine . In addition to the question of G-d's Foreknowledge and Free Choice, Rabbi Fleer will discuss other related paradoxes, such as Unity and Plurality; and Immanence and Transcendence. (individual lecture min 3 hrs)

35. The Paradox of Love and Fear of G-d
Love and fear are primary and often paradoxical aspects of the human condition. How is it possible to love a person we fear, or to fear a person we love? Yet the Torah commands us to love and fear G-d. Before doing a mitzvah, the Kabbalists pray for the love and fear necessary to accomplish that mitzvah in a way that unites G-d with the 'Shechina' (G-d's indwelling presence). But exactly how are love and fear united through mitzvah? How does the experience of this unity affect us? In this lecture, Rabbi Fleer will also explore the nature of spiritual passion and the emotional equilibrium required for a Jewish experience of transcendence. (individual lecture, min 2 ½ hrs)
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