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This fascinating series provides an in-depth exploration of clothing in the Bible, Kabbalah and Jewish Law. The following are just some of the many themes explored: What is the deeper meaning of clothing in Biblical stories like Adam and Eve making clothes of leaves to hide their shame, Jacob dressing up like Esav to fool his father, Joseph's "clothes of many colors" evoking jealousy from his brothers, Tamar deceiving her father-in-law, and many others? Why did the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) wear eight special garments while ordinary priests wore four? Each morning a Jew blesses G-d "who clothes the naked" and goes on to bless Him for "supplying me with my every want," which the sages understood as referring to owning a pair of shoes. Why did Moshe remove his shoes at the burning bush, while Joshua, when in the presence of the Angel, was told to remove only one shoe? Clothes insulate or reveal, making or breaking self-image or how we are seen in the eyes of others. What is the secret of clothing from a Kabbalistic perspective? What spiritual energy is imparted through clothes? What are the spiritual and psychological advantages that come to a person who understands the true meaning of clothing?
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